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Sawatdee Ka!

Since my first trip out of the country (to Thailand in 2004), I've developed a slight addiction to travel.  I have a long list of places I want to see and things I want to do.  After working for two years in Corporate Public Relations, I decided it was time to start checking some spots off that list.

I'm currently living in Thailand, teaching 7th and 9th grade English classes at a government school in a small city called Suphanburi.  I'm taking advantage of every day off and every free weekend to explore Thailand - luckily it's cheap, convenient, and amazing. The possibilities are endless. I love Thailand, it's a beautiful country full of generous people, delicious food, gorgeous beaches, and stunning mountain views...oh, and elephants!

In my time in Thailand, I've also been checking out some of its surrounding countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau to name a few.  I also have plans to hit up Laos, Singapore and potentially South Korea before I head back to the states this fall. Feel free to contact me on Twitter: @srall or through the comments section here.

Khop Khun Ka!

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