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Thursday, September 23, 2010

You're Doing What?

Sawatdee! (that would be Thai for Hello!)

I started this blog for anyone who may be interested in following my travels and experiences over the next year.  A little background...I've always had a slight addiction to travel, and 2 years of sitting in a cube in the lovely Kendall Square - with no window in sight -  really fueled my desire to see more of the world while I was still young and free.  As I started crafting my plan to go abroad and when I gave people the official word I heard a lot of  "You're doing what?!?!" So here are the deets on exactly WHAT I'll be doing...

Teaching English in Thailand through CIEE - the Council on International Education Exchange.  Do I speak Thai? No...but I'm totally fluent in English.

Me!...and my BFF DJ and about 80 other people participating in the program all around Thailand.

The Sanguan Ying School, a secondary school, in the province of Suphanburi. 

Departing October 11th on Korean Air, arriving in Bangkok on October 12th for 2 weeks of training.  Signed on for 2 semesters through October 2011!

Thailand, or "The Land of Smiles," has been one of my favorite spots since I went there on my first trip out of the country in April 2004.  Right away I knew I wanted to go back and live there at some point...and now seems like a good time. Also, I miss hanging out with kids, learning about new cultures, and riding elephants!  There are also a few countries in SE Asia I'd like to check out while I'm there: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia...

It feels weird to leave Boston after 6 years--I'll miss a lot of things here: going to BC games and events, my BC friends, family dinners with the lil' bro, SPC crowd, my co-workers at Weber, and even some of my clients!  But... I'm excited for the next chapter in my life and can't wait to get this party started.

*BTW, for those of you curious about the name of the blog: "Trunks Up" - an elephant with its trunk up is often seen as a symbol of good luck and optimism. 

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