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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What time is it? Summertime! It's our vacation...

Summer has arrived! (Yes, the title of this post does reference a song from High School Musical, mai pen rai.)  Although the 90+ daily temperatures that seem to stay in Suphanburi year-round might lead one to think otherwise, there is an actual summer in Thailand, school is out and vacation is on!

I've had a most excellent adventure living in Thailand the past 5 months, (I can't believe it's been that long), and now the time has come for the real travels to get started.  After 2 weeks of teaching summer classes to a few of the students, I'm packing up my big backpack and hitting the road.  Here's a quick glance at my itinerary over the next 5 weeks:

Starting this Friday: Megh gets here (so, so excited)! Checking out Suphan, a day in Bangkok, and then on to one of Thailand's many islands, Koh Chang. From there we head to Sihanoukville and Penom Penh in Cambodia before crossing another border and heading back to Vietnam to explore Ho Chi Minh City.  The final destination on our tour is Hong Kong.  Nell and I get back to Thailand on April 5th and on April 7th my sister Emily arrives (again, so, so excited!) and we're off to Southern Thailand to dive in Khao Lak and camp on Maya Bay before heading North to Chiang Mai for Songkran and then back to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat before returning to Suphan for more summer classes.


I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to see all of these amazing places.  I'm super excited to see more of Asia, take on this continent with my two favorite redheads, hang out with my sister, eat new food, do some serious snorkeling, and check out night markets around Asia.   While I'm gone I'll try to post updates when possible, and prayers for safe travel would be much appreciated.

Until then, I've put together a video of some of the sights and sounds of Thailand from my first 5 months.  This is my first attempt with iMovie, so don't expect too much, but enjoy!

Sanuk in Thailand from Sarah Rall on Vimeo.


  1. Your video skills are amazing! I loved watching it :) (and I am currently obsessed with that song!) Have a fabulous time with Megh and Nell and Emily! You are all in my prayers!! Lots of love from the stl :)

  2. Thanks Sus! I also love the song, it always puts me in a good mood! Probably great for your running mix! : )

  3. Pretty awesome video Sarah i must sayyy. Some incredible experiences summed up in 3 and a half minutes- well done. Very jealous of all the traveling you're doing, I wish I could have made it to thailand.

  4. Great video Sarah! Have a ball on your adventures with Nell & Megh but most of all, wishing you all Safe Travels ♥

  5. pretty goooood, pretty gooood. love this song. also love the kids singing j biebs

  6. NIce video! I also like your new font.


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