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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thai Snacks: The Good, The Bad, The Insects

Living in Thailand, my eating habits have undergone a major change in the past five months. I no longer have access to cheese, sandwiches, pizza, bagels and many more foods.  Each day for lunch and dinner I struggle with one essential question: rice or noodles?  I've also had to adjust my snack habits, there's nothing as simple as pretzels or Wheat Thins or chips and salsa.  There is, however, an abundance of fresh pineapple and other tropical fruits that are SO delicious.  There's also a wide variety of other snack options.  Since I'm packing up for a week long tour of Vietnam with about 80 Thai teachers from my school, I figured I'd keep it simple and show off some of the Thai snack choices: the good, the bad, and the insects, here's a few photos from this morning's walk around the market (and of course a stop at 7-11).

The Good: Pocky chocolate dipped biscuit sticks and Hershey's cookies & cream nuggets (which they stopped producing in the states a few years back much to my dismay.  Luckily, Thailand imports them from the Philippines.)

The Bad: Walking through the market can be tough on the stomach, especially when the sun is blazing. There is an excess of raw fish and various pig's body parts for sale.  You want it, you can get it.

The insects: I haven't tried one yet--and I likely won't--but you never know.  When in Asia...


  1. sick sick sick. that last picture is nasty. are those roaches? eww i can just see them crawling on you at night while you sleep. ewwwww.

  2. UGH.... I don't think I'll ever be that hungry...

  3. Thai snacks seem better than US snacks. You should document more of them. ha.


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